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Since online dating became trendy, the site has decided to lead you through its virtual paths. The point is that finding partners on adult sites might be both efficient and dangerous. How to ensure safety? The following tips will help you avoid swindling users and provide security during the first date.

Recommendations from for online interaction

  • Choose the legit resource.

When you decide to sign up for the dating site, please check its legitimacy beforehand. You may use our reviews as benchmarks or verify business information about a particular platform independently on third-party resources.

  • Follow common rules.

Bear in mind common privacy practices for the Internet. Simple rules can save your life, mental health, and wallet. It’s crucial to keep sensitive information to yourself and never share data and photos that would help scammers harm you.

  • Enjoy communication within the platform.

Criminals often try to make you leave the dating site and use other channels for communication. They won’t bust their accounts and prefer to reach out to your through email and social media platforms.

  • Keep your inbox clean.

If some users spam or send inappropriate messages, it’s better to block them immediately. Don’t be afraid of being rush since delay could be dangerous and even fatal.

  • Report suspicious members.

When you chat with a potential partner and notice suspicious or weird behavior, it would be better to report a possible scammer. Thus, you avoid trouble and prevent other community members from meeting a fraud. Once your report, moderators figure everything out and remove a scamming account forever. One crook less!

How to Stay Safe on the First Date?

  • Tell a friend about your plans.

Once you set a date, don’t forget to notify your best friend or close relative about details, including time and venue. Moreover, it would be great to give your partner’s photo and other data that you have. Don’t forget to tell others about the time when you are going to come back home.

  • Choose safe public places for the first date.

Set a date in a café or restaurant in the best possible neighborhood. Try to be for all to see and never agree to go somewhere private. Besides, be careful with food and drinks to avoid a noxious substance with intent to stupefy.

  • Let your first date end in good time.

Once your romantic dinner is coming to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to continue the fun in another public venue. It would be unwise to invite your new friend to a cup of coffee in your house or accept the same invitation from them.

  • Stay in contact.

Keep your mobile device and other gadgets active. Check if you have an SOS panic button onboard to send an emergency notification alert along with GPS coordinates if the need arises.

Emergency Services Contacts on

Call 911 right away to report your situation. Check out the following hotlines for all other cases. They work 24/7.

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Hotline


Planned Parenthood


National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224