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Onenightfriend Review 2024: One and Only Hookup Platform?

Onenightfriend Review 2024: One and Only Hookup Platform?
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Pros and Cons

  • Proper tools for securing the privacy of your account (safety mode);
  • A multi-functional website that enables messaging, video calls, and other communication means;
  • Notifications about activity on the profile;
  • Has a 3-day trial that allows you to test the Premium plan.
  • Some fake profiles;
  • No strict moderation for content that users send.

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Brief review


When talking about the best hookup websites, the one that often people bring up is OneNightFriend. And chances are you must have heard of it too; but what do we actually know about it?

OneNightFriend website was launched back in 2013 by enthusiasts who wanted to optimize people’s dating experience. It was created with the user in mind, so all the standard registration and profile setup protocols were significantly simplified. But what is the aim of the site? Well, its purpose is to set up people that are not in a rush to start a family or commit; someone that just wants some casual, NSA relationship. And ever since its launch, OneNightFriend has attracted more than 2 million users worldwide. It works in countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, Japan, etc. What’s more, even though the majority of users here are straight, the site welcomes LGBTQ members, and you can easily find homosexuals as well as bisexuals here. Moreover, you can even join as a gender-neutral person and look for people to get laid with.

All this info is just a surface understanding of what this hookup site can offer. So then let’s dive deeper into our OneNightFriend review, and find out what this platform can offer and whether it will be a good choice for you!


The basic principle of this hookup site is that it uses an algorithm that matches you with the most appropriate person for some hot, adult hookup. This algorithm allows you to connect with people of the same preference and even location. Other than that, there is OneNightfriend chat, where you can freely discuss the arrangement before they meet for sex.

Signing Up at OneNightFriend


Since people want to know whom they are talking to, there is a need to keep track of users and their profiles. OneNightFriend does it with the help of creating simple profiles that are used like a card that represents daters. And if you want to join in on the fun, you first need to register. For that, you don’t have to put your real name or give some ID; you will only need a valid e-mail address. Once you do, the site will send you a link. After that, all the registration will be completed. There is no requirement to fill in all the fields at the same time. Simply give the site some means of contacting you. Note that your address will not be disclosed to other users. Then just write a little about yourself and write about your intentions in bio, and you are all set for the dating adventure with OneNightFriend.

In short, the procedure of registration includes these steps:

  • Contact information
  • Password
  • As an alternative, you can also register via an already existing Facebook or Google account.


If you are new to dating online, it is good to read the tips on how to get connections. If you have tried other services before, you would be familiar with OneNightStand messages. Log into your profile to see all the options of communication. If you are not registered, there will only be a chance to look around and see some profiles without contacting them. After you sign in, start looking for people you like, with the help of search filters for that. Also, you will see a lot of incoming messages; be careful with them since if you have a free account, you will not be able to open every email or text sent to you. There is also a OneNightStand chat if you want to communicate instantly. Plus, it is also a quick way to understand if you like the person or not and even set up some casual sex date.

The other features are not communication ones directly. Yet, they help in connecting. These are likes that you can put on someone else’s photos and videos. Also, you can add people to your favorites, and if they have a paid account, they will see it. The chances of them contacting you get higher. It is another tip, do not be shy to comment and like others.

OneNightFriend is working on making the communication options as easy and practical as possible. It removed all the processes that usually prevented people from meeting someone fast. Hence, all users get matches almost effortlessly.

OneNightFriend Profile Composition


Adult dating nowadays starts with arranging your profile on the site right. It means that all the sections should be filled with relevant information. It is not just your age and gender. It should be detailed info on what you want to see in a person and what kinky stuff you like. If you are there to talk and have virtual friendships, you are more than welcome. Your profile then does not have to be very well-thought. However, if you want some real action and are looking for sex, you need to look into a well-composed page. Treat it as your face and keep it clean, fresh, and smiley all the time. All the effort will be paid off later. The site itself matches you automatically, but people are looking around, visiting your page every second. Even when you sit there offline, someone is checking it out. So, what does it have to have:

  • Nice, real photo of you;
  • Your nickname or name;
  • Description of your likes & dislikes, preferences;
  • Status or quote (should be within common sense and not violate the policies of the site).

And while creating our OneNightFriend review, we’ve also found out that existing profiles show that this platform mostly has English speakers. Thus, while there is a fair share of other nationalities, like Spanish, Germans, Italians, the common language for communication is still English. The majority of people always indicate their interests (like hobbies), age, and religious belief. About 80% of the profiles have their bio completely filled in, which is great and more than enough to see whether you can trust the person and have anything in common. As to security, the site is used for safe casual dating, so there is no chance that someone will be allowed to post illegal or offensive content.

OneNightFriend Interface


At first glance, there is nothing special about the site. It is standard and user-friendly but not more. However, what makes this platform so good, is the act that OneNightFriend is one of the hookup sites that actually work to minimize the effort for the user. With that in mind, the site has been given a simple process of signing in and filling in the profile. These are two stages that take you to the dating pool, and they go smoothly.

The site, as well as the mobile version, are well-maintained and technically well-supported. There is a support team of developers and they are working on any glitches instantly, so most of the time, users do not notice any bugs. Moreover, the site is constantly updated. If there is an issue, you can contact support. However, it is supported from any device and browser. OneNightFriend messages system is well-developed and instant; there are no problems with saving them and checking in the history. Regardless of the number of users on the site, it always keeps up with the load.

OneNightFriend website has all the features placed in the sections. Every user aged 18 or 80 can easily understand every section and choose whatever they want. The incoming messages have notifications, so it does not take long to open them. The profiles are adjusted for the laptop and mobile screen. As to the speed of page loading, both versions work well and smoothly regardless of the device you use.

OneNightFriend Application


There is both the web and mobile version of the site And if you want to use it from Android, you can easily have the OneNightFriend app. It was created by Uni plus Ltd and is free to download. If you register with the web version, you can still download the app and log in. It will save the details just like all the apps do. The same applies to the mobile version of the website. You can leave the tab with the site opened and refresh it to sign in. If you have an iPad or some other tablet, the mobile version will come in handy too.

Special Functions

OneNightFriend attracts people with the help of some great and useful features. It has free bundles that are offered to both new and old users. There are also some additional features that not everyone can use but only paid members. These features help you boost your visibility on the site and meet more people. The more people see you, the more chances you have to find guys and girls who want sex.

Send a Wink

Winks are a perfect way to let the person know that you’re interested. And if they send one back, that’s a pretty good indicator that you two could have something going.


There is also an option to send the flirtcasts, which are something like spam messages. When you send them, many people can see them and reply to you in private chat.

Like Gallery

A traditional swipe game was modified and presented in a ‘like gallery’ at the site. It is a section where you are given a picture that you need to like or dislike. If you get likes from both sides, that’s a match! And you can continue the private chat.

It is a good way to connect since you do not spend ages looking for a profile. The site puts it for you and asks you to assess it. Note that all you can see in that gallery is a photo, not information about a person, so there is a lot of talking to do.

OneNightFriend Pricing


Among many services alike, this casual dating community has a pretty average price. Paying for a subscription means that you have to commit to a monthly payment. The amount depends on the type of package you select. It can be a one-month type, and the site will charge for it at the beginning of the month. It can also be a three or six months package, and the payment will be withdrawn at the beginning of the subscription as well.

Here is detailed pricing for the packages:

  • 1 month – $40
  • 3 months – $65.70
  • 6 months – $106.20

Basic Plan

OneNightFriend caters to the needs of users who want a free plan as well as the premium one. Some features are free and basic, and some are more sophisticated; hence the site charges for their use.

Here is what you can have without paying for a subscription:

  • Free guidelines on registration and profile;
  • A couple of free winks;
  • Limited time in ‘Like Gallery’;
  • Use search filters to find matches.

Premium Plan

If you want to be successful at any of the hookup sites, you need to invest a little. Depending on how long you want to be on the site, the price will increase or decrease. The payment is usually taken from your card monthly at the beginning of the month.

The subscription starts when you pay for it. It includes a lot of benefits, like:

  • Limitless chatting and messaging;
  • Unlimited number of winks and flirtcasts;
  • Options to share all the video and audio content (there is no restriction on adult content);
  • Limitless access to all the profiles.

The site charges $40 per month if you want to buy a one-month plan. With the three months plan, you get to pay less per month, and it will be about $22. Note that there are no commissions on the side of the site unless your bank charges. It also depends on what type of card you use, debit or credit. For the six months use, the monthly price drops down to $18.

Safety Procedures at OneNightFriend


One of the crucial issues that arise in online dating is fake profiles, and OneNightFriend strives to eliminate them as much as possible. They are constantly updating the safety policies, warning the users about potential threats, and educating them on avoiding trouble. It is recommended to report all the possible scammers. If the user sees that another person asks for money or sends random links, there is a special button that helps with reporting the issue. The moderators are not able to control private messages since they are confidential. In case the user has a screenshot of the conversation, it helps to delete a malicious account as soon as possible.

Is OneNightFriend a scam?

OneNightFriend is a site for adults who want to interact in a safe environment. It is a platform that has transparent rules and policies. All the members are encouraged to read the guidelines before they agree to create a profile. Violation of the policies leads to account termination. A team of moderators is in charge of reviewing the complaints and assisting all users with the safety inquiries. The site has been on the market for almost two dozen years, and its reputation so far is flawless.

Is OneNigthfriend legit?

The site has all the vital credentials for operating on the international market. One of them is protection by an SSL certificate. As to the security and ethics policies, it does not allow underage users or illegal content. All the actions on the site should correspond to the regulations. In case any breach is detected, the user is deleted without review. As the policies show, the site means well and strives to provide a comfortable environment for everyone.

Help & Support


If you are struggling with any feature on the site, you can contact the support team via email [email protected]. You can also check out the question section, which has answers to all the most common questions. There are instructions on registration, payment, and suspicious profiles. If you are a paid user, your request to support will be reviewed as a priority. The support agent can easily guide you through the process of registration, issues with your email, or the best suitable browser for the site.

OneNightFriend Alternatives

OneNightFriend is not the only hookup service worthy of your attention if you’re looking to get laid. Some other good platforms are:

  • Benaughty

This hookup site sets people up on quick dates, secures their confidentiality, and has the simplest registration procedure. It is easy to get started and as easy to delete the account. What we also like about the BeNaughty site, is that it has quite an affordable Premium price and a huge user base, with over 2 million users of various nationalities and sexual orientations. However, the majority of users here are heterosexuals.

  • Tinder

It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t know or even heard of Tinder. After all, it has over 57 million users and is the most popular dating site in the USA, next to Bumble! It welcomes people of all sexualities, the gender ratio here is somewhat equal (60% of men and 40% of women), and it also has a lot of amazing features to make your dating better.


What is OneNightFriend used for?

People of all sexual orientations come to OneNightFriend to find quick, no-strings-attached relationships. Here, people are looking for casual sex and just some fun, and not a serious, long-term relationship.

Is OneNightFriend a good site for hookup?

Yes, as hookups are the main focus of the OneNightFriend site. The people here understand that and visit this place only for some no-strings-attached connection and nothing more.

Is there a way to get more matches on OneNightFriend?

Yes, if you pay for a membership, you get access to more advanced search filters and all the matching games on the site. The list of filters for searching expands to the following:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye and hair color
  • Religious beliefs
  • Photo gallery available
  • Online/Offline status

So, make sure you have a well-written profile, clear pictures, and you are ready to mingle. Besides, you can create a couple of catchy phrases and send them to the users online. There are more chances to get replies from those who are on the site at the moment. If you have time to look through the profiles, add some to the list of favorites and text them when they are online.

Can I exchange messages with OneNightFriend users?

If you are a free user, the number of messages you can send is limited. The limit is five messages per day.

Is it possible to get rid of the OneNightFriend account for good?

Here are the ways to delete the existing profile at One NightFriend:

  1. Send an email to the support center at [email protected] requesting to delete the account permanently. You can also reply in the email chain that you received when registered.
  2. Open the settings of your profile and click the button “Delete”.


Phone, Fax 1650 253 0001

[email protected]


Dating life is full of turbulent events but also has a lot of adventures. If you have no time to experience nice dates and communicate with single people in real-time mode, OneNightFriend is a magic wand that can save you. It is easy to use and does not require a lot of investment. The user base is huge and allows you to have tons of conversations without the need to settle for something mediocre. All the communication features are slick, and not simple to use. Finally, the site is pretty to use, regardless of how tech-savvy you are.

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