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BeNaughty Review 2024: Is hooking up still popular?

BeNaughty Review 2024: Is hooking up still popular?
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform is at the peak of popularity among young women;
  • Most users are straight;
  • Multiple communication options;
  • The premium membership at a low price;
  • No advertising or marketing promos on the site.
  • Fake profiles are not eliminated fast enough due to a low number of moderators;
  • The site does not have instant online support.

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General Information

The dating platform called Benaughty was introduced as a place for frivolous and entertainment purposes. People were supposed to come there, register, and have conversations of sexual nature about dating and hooking up. It is a site for adults, so explicit audio and video content is allowed there. The site operates on a robust platform that facilitates large loads whenever many users are online. It works without glitches, and all the bugs are fixed by a technical team. It has a standard registration procedure, profile approval is not needed, and there is a support team in case of questions.

The majority of people who use the site regularly come from the US. However, countries of all continents are presented in large quantities. The second and third places are taken by Australia, New Zealand, and England. As it appears, the site targets the English-speaking community mostly. A user who has a low level of knowledge of English can still find common ground with others, but the site features are in English. The instructions are simple to understand, and the registration process goes naturally, even if you do not know the words written there. Every user goes through the same procedure of setting up the account and making it attractive to the public. There is no strict verification process and no discrimination. If you have an email address, it will be enough to become a member. All the efforts are aimed at making adult hookup fun.


When it comes to the aim of the site, it is self-explanatory. From the name, it becomes obvious that it is not a site for finding a husband or wife. It is a platform for letting yourself relax and enjoy mindless and careless conversations and meetings. All the users, be it guys or girls who want sex and hooking up, interact freely without judgment. It is a zone free of high standards or demands. It is unlikely to meet a gold-digging wife there or get a trophy one. There is no requirement as to how a person should look, no face code or complicated questionnaire on the entrance. Everyone is free to set up the profile by writing down a name and uploading a pic of themselves. The matches are received randomly in most cases. There are search features that help users find someone within their interest. If a person does not want to date actively, there are many options for managing the profile. It can be terminated or frozen temporarily. The price range is liberal. All the users are divided into two categories: free and paid. There is a huge difference between the two statuses. The site offers some special services too, but generally, it is very similar to all other sites that belong to Together Network.

How to sign up with Benaughty?


If you want to get laid as soon as possible, Benaughty is a place to go for a quick registration. The benefits of such a process are:

  • No need to look for documents, scan them, upload, and wait forever for approval;
  • No risk of personal information loss;
  • No need to pass any tests for profile;
  • No need to fill in all the fields on the profile form to start dating.

Many hookup sites that actually work for quick dates put the barrier of a complicated signing-up process. It is the opposite case. If you are naughty, you are probably impatient too. If that’s the case, sign up within a second and become a member of a large pool of horny people.

Looking for matches

There are multiple ways to meet people at the Benaughty website. It can be:

  • Opening the inbox and reading the messages someone sent you;
  • Looking for people manually and texting them individually;
  • Sending spam messages and waiting for replies;
  • Going to forums and participating in discussions;
  • Liking photos and adding profiles to your favorites.

There is a trick to all the features on the site. If you want to use it for free, the features will not be available. To see the full capacity that it can offer, you need to purchase a proper membership.

Benaughty Profile Characteristics


If you want to join a casual dating community and be popular, your profile should correspond to a certain standard. The first thing to be aware of is fake information and photos. The overview of the membership base shows that some users carelessly treat their profile and never update images. It creates negative impressions.

The profiles, in general, are well-designed. They have just enough information to know if you can be interested in a person or not. There is no detailed explanation of what the person wants NSA relationship, sexual fantasies, hookup, virtual sex, etc. However, that serves as a starting line for a conversation. Most users are English-speaking; you can see their country of origin and current place of living. If you are a premium member, the user can send you their location.

If you upload a lot of photos to your profile, you can hide some from the general public and give access to the individuals you like. It is a benefit since you can share any type of content. The overall structure of the profile is logical. It is short and precise information and photos. Together Networks changes the design of the sites, but the functionality on their sites usually looks similar, which makes them easy to use.

Benaughty Platform Interface


The site’s primary color is yellow. It is a color of love and passion. The main page contains all the features that you need. It has the registration section, search, guidelines, and terms of use. The site is not overloaded with unnecessary information or features. The search filters are abundant, especially if you are a paid user. The communication features are sufficient to meet someone for casual sex. It is a simple platform, but the technical site is robust enough to handle millions of users online at the same time. If you are a premium member, you get to have more than messaging options, and you can send audio and video in a chat which makes the site very similar to social networks.

Benaughty Mobile Version

The Benaughty app is a user-friendly version of the site. It is light, so the memory of your device will not suffer significantly from it. You can register from the site or with the app. The app is free for download in Google Play. There is no charge for downloading and installation. Besides, there is a mobile version of the website, in case you have an iOS device.

There are also reviews and options to add your comment on the app if needed. Not many bugs have been reported since the launch of the app. Benaughty chat and other features are identical on all versions of the service.


The functionality of the site is the main reason people are so driven to it. Regardless of the design, the features always help more. Hence, the site is assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Interaction: there are multiple options Benaughty messages are sent for free in limited amounts and unlimited for the paid members. In the chat, you can contact people who are online because there is no point in writing to them if they are not active. There is also a chance to meet someone if you put likes on their photos.
  2. Profile boosts: the site offers to put your profile in the spotlight temporarily. It means that if you are one of the possible matches for someone, your profile will be offered first. It is a temporary unlimited greenlight. It increases your rating on the site and makes you more visible to other users.
  3. Safety mode: Turn it on if you want to be extra cautious about who sees you. This option lets you hide the profile from everyone or certain individuals. It can be switched on and off as you decide. Note that with that mode, you will not be contacted by scams or suspicious profiles. It is a safe casual dating platform that cares for your security online.

Benaughty Prices


Benaughty is partially free. It has membership packages to offer. The free bundles are temporary and are aimed at new users who do not feel comfortable initially. For their adjustment period, some features are given as free. For the rest of the community, it is required to get a membership. The reason for that is that the features of communication in unlimited amounts become available. For example, if you want to be an active user of Benaughty chat, you need a premium package.

Benaughty review of prices shows different duration and costs of a package. All plans have the same number of features. The cost adds for the period you use the site.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
Full Membership for Men
1 Day 0.99 USD / Day 0.99 USD
1 Week 1.00 USD / Week 1.00 USD
1 Month 28.80 USD / Month 28.80 USD
3 Months 16.20 USD / Month 48.60 USD
Premium Dater Extra Benefits for Women
1 Month 26.49 USD / Month 26.49 USD
Extra Security Extra Benefits for Women
1 Month 12.60 USD / Month 12.60 USD
Chataholic Extra Benefits for Women
1 Month 17.92 USD / Month 17.92 USD

’Basic Member’ Status

With the status of ‘free account,’ you are visible to all other users on the site. However, most of them are not visible to you. To contact people, you have a limited number of options, and they expire very soon. It can be the case that you started a conversation but ran out of free messages. If you are dedicated to looking for sex online, you need to invest in it.

’Premium Member’ Status

Besides being able to open any section of the site and use it, you get the following when you have a membership:

  • All profiles are full, and no photos are blurred;
  • Location of the user opens up;
  • Extra option of sending photo and video files becomes available;
  • All the messages become unlimited.

If you wonder about the billing situation, it is not complicated. There is a way to pay for the services from any country. If you have the money in some local currency, the conversion will be automatic. E-wallets also work for this service. Note that the payment will be renewed automatically. If you do not want it to happen, change your settings as soon as you register.

Benaughty Safety Instructions

If you want to meet for sex but have doubts about online dating, get acquainted with the safety protocols. Since this platform deals with adults and the content they share, there is a chance of encountering explicit photos and videos. While it is legal on the site to share things like that, it is illegal to be involved in any financial operations. Note that the site charges you for a subscription only, and it does not send you a receipt via private messages. There is a team of moderators and support operators who handle such requests. You should not send the money to a user who texted you in chat. Another danger is in phishing links that people send intending to collect your credit card information or any personal info. It is recommended to avoid all the links sent via the messages on the site. Whenever someone sends you an unauthorized link, you will see a warning from the site. It is up to you to ignore or take it.

Is Benaughty a suspicious platform?


Benaughty is a platform that lets you follow your fantasies and sometimes do unacceptable things in society. Hence, it is sometimes confused with the malicious site. In reality, it is another type of social network that unites people with specific purposes and desires. It works legally and has all the credentials to provide services.

It operates in all the states of the USA and on the international market. Benaughty is a certified platform for adults. It is illegal to register in case you are under 18 years old. It is also illegal to violate the law, humiliate other people, and promote illegal activities on the site. To battle that, the site has a team of moderators who check all the complaints from users and delete suspicious accounts.

Customer Support

Suppose you have any issues with the registration, payment, or features of the site, you can email them. The support team accepts requests round the clock. The reply is not instant. It usually takes a couple of hours for them to review the request, so be patient. Try to send the query from the email you used for registration, so they can identify you in the system.

Besides dealing with questions, the support team includes legal experts and cybersecurity specialists. They work on the improvement of policies and the technical side of the service. The cyberthreat develops daily, so they work on creating new safety guidelines for their users.

What sites are similar to Benaughty?

The dating market is full of hookup sites. They come in different versions, some are only apps, and some are represented with many platforms. Their core difference is price. Also, not all the services take good care of the safety of online communication. Hence, at times you might see the service that looks good on the outside, but you get scammed as soon as you register. The main competitors of Benaughty areTogether2Night and Tinder.


Below you will find answers to the most popular questions.

How do people use Benaughty?

Benaughty is a website for adult dating. People who are 18+ register to find a partner for a night or to spend a quality weekend with. All they need to do is set up a quick profile and put down their preferences. The matches usually come instantly. People on the site appreciate the speed of reply and open-mindedness.

Can Benaughty be a legitimate site for hooking up?

It is an authorized dating platform. It is not involved in any illegal activities. You are free to use it from any location of the globe. Benaughty does not collect or share personal information. It protects your data on the site and lets you do dating without worrying.

How can my profile receive more matches on Benaughty?

  • Be generous with words when you describe your desires. Let people know what you came for, so they can be sure that your profile is not fake.
  • Upload nice photos where one can see you.
  • Use different bundles on the site that make your profile more popular, highlight it or add you to the top of the searches.

How can a message be sent to other Benaughty users?

You can use messages, chat, or winks. Some users prefer to send spam messages. The communication features of the site are traditional. However, they are limited in numbers for free users. If you do not have a subscription, the number of messages you can send per day will be no more than five.

How can Benaughty’s profile be deleted?

If you want to terminate your profile for good, you can do it via the settings section on the site. It is free of charge. The procedure is short. If you struggle with it, contact the support with this request, and they will assist you. Note that you do not have to delete the profile, but you can freeze it for some time and renew later.


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From this review, we established that Benaughty is a platform for adult dating and hookups. It is a place where you can find sex and rock n roll. To register, you need to be 18, have an email address, and have a good Internet connection. There is an app as well as a website version. Both platforms can be easily accessed from any location. The matches can be sorted according to their location as well. Benaughty is an international site that you can use when traveling. It is averagely priced and well-designed. Its functionality has room for improvement but is sufficient for hooking up.

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